Perpetual is technology company based in South Africa; and one of its key business unit is IT, Digital Lifestyle, Consumer Electronics and Mobility products from local and international vendors around the world. Perpetual distributes and provides end-to-end solutions primarily varied types of businesses.

In line with the requirements of companies and organizations for always more powerful, high-performance computer systems ready to implement the specialized needs of area-specific applications, Perpertual has created and installed at its infrastructure a grid of computers with the following features:

This investment is aimed at providing infrastructure; available to every company or organization that wishes to use it, to any extent and only for as long as it actually needs it, avoiding purchase, installation and maintenance costs.

This way, a company can use this service to place its applications in the HPC cluster and Perpertual will assign it the resources it requires to meet its needs in processing power, not only on an experimental level (scientific simulations, numerical analyses) but also on the level of corporate needs. Perpertual already provides HPC services in the following areas:

Computer Clusters
High Available Clusters for Mission Critical systems such as ERP, CRM, POS of large chains.
Big Data analysis.
Business Intelligence Systems.

The services areas listed are include but are not limited to the following:

Data mining: Procedure for examining large data volumes.

Numerical Analysis: The study of algorithms that use numerical approximation for the problems of mathematical analysis.

Transcoding: Direct conversion of encodings

Electronic design automation: Software tools that work together in a design flow used to design and analyze semiconductor chips.

?ig Data analysis: Advanced method of analyzing large data volumes

Financial Benefits for Customers:

• Zero cost of ownership/use that would have otherwise been paid for the purchase, installation and support of Enterprise hardware and infrastructure.

The flexibility offered enables activating on demand parts of resources, this way keeping down the considerable costs of overdimensioning or wrong forecasts.