Cloud VPS

The series of Cloud VPS servers of Perpertual provides you with autonomous virtual servers (Containers), running Linux or Windows in Dedicates Servers, our proprietary Data Center. Our Dedicated servers, constantly ensure for the proper management and allocation of the shared resources of the system (RAM, CPU, Storage) in each Cloud VPS, achieving their full potential on the basis of the modulated needs of each user.

The series is intended for all those who want (instead of want : need) a server with root access, and their needs do not justify the commission of a Cloud Server with dedicated system resources. It is the most appropriate and cost-effective way for your entry in Cloud Computing, without compromising on functional specifications and user experience of your server. Perpertual can demonstrably provide unparalleled performance, guaranteed stability and uptime throughout the entire range of its services, using only Enterprise Class equipment of HP and Cisco with complete High Availability on all levels.

Cloud Server

Choosing the Cloud Servers series of Perpertual you receive autonomous virtual servers (virtual machines) of high performance, hosted on the proprietary Enterprise Level Cloud Infrastructure of Perpertual.

The Cloud infrastructure consists of an array of physical servers, network devices, storage media, interconnected in a high availability configuration. As a result of this design is that each cloud Server in this environment enjoys superior performance and most importantly 100% Hardware uptime.

In case of failure of one server, through a fully automated process, the remaining undertake to cover the necessary resources. At the same time the owner of a Cloud server enjoys maximum flexibility, having the ability to increase or decrease the resources immediately required (eg. addition of CPU cores, addition of extra drive, addition of RAM).

Cloud Storage

The storage, storage and sharing of data and business records, is a vital factor for any modern business. Perpertual offers storage and file sharing services in its Cloud system, enabling( the user to gain access) from different PCs, or in general portable network devices such us tablets and smartphones.

Among other things it includes an easy to use and modern interface, encryption capabilities, direct sync, Cloud backup, as well as operations of task list, such us calendar, image galleries, playlists music files and even custom on demand services.

Perpertual advances the Cloud Storage service to Business level, having the ability to provide Enterprise Class storage services, with guaranteed data security and customizable Cloud Backup that is built according to the needs of each partner.

Additional guarantee for the quality of our services is the use by Lancom of only Enterprise Class equipment

Cloud PBX

Having extensive experience in the field of telephony, Perpertual applies innovative solutions of network telephony Voice-over-IP (VoIP), as well as digital telephone exchanges (PBX / IVR) in the cloud. Perpertual Cloud PBX, effectively consolidates and simplifies all the ways in which your business communicates and collaborates, increasing productivity through mobility and through many other revolutionary features that it incorporates. Some o these eatures are:

• No initial investment cost.
• Reduction in monthly telephone costs.
• Advanced telephony technologies.
• Single platform connecting your business with customers, branches and stalks inside and outside the company.
• Easy management via Web portal.
• Safety and reliability for your critical corporate communication.
• Extensibility to the maximum extent.
• Unified Communications with the use of voice and video and use of multiple devices such as phone, laptop, mobile phone and tablet for enhanced communication experience.
• High availability and possibility of implementing projects of business continuity for the speedy recovery of your communications after disasters.

Cloud Load Balancer

In the cases websites with high traffic and demand for rapid response, there is a need for scalable expandability with multiple Web Servers and Database Servers. The only way to remedy this is to use a Load Balancer. Perpertual has the expertise and equipment necessary for such implementation. The Cloud Load Balancer service is provided as a service and saves you the cost of an initial expense in load balancing hardware engines.

Lancom's certified engineers ensure the customization and support of an integrated solution that fits your needs perfectly.

Cloud Streaming

Bearing in mind and aimed at developing and providing solutions even for the most specialized requirements of our partners, we have developed a unique platform for broadcasting audio and video in the internet. By providing specialized customization depending on the type of service (audio only or video and audio), we are able to cover every possible need, regardless of the load and the quality that may be required each time.

Perpertual can provide immediate and comprehensive solutions in the following services:
• Web Radio - Radio transmission / retransmission
• Video on demand - Stream video on demand
• Web TV - Television transmission / retransmission
• Video live streaming - Live streaming video and audio
• Audio on demand - Streaming audio on demand
• Audio live streaming
• E-learning - Tele-Education, Virtual School, Seminars
• Tele - medicine
• Teleconference / Web conferencing - Teleconference of organizations, private and public entities
• Live webinars / Tele - seminars, Online coverage of conferences, seminars, exhibitions and events
• IP CCTV - Remote monitoring of closed circuit television online
• Advertising - Advertising products, services, companies and se-shops.

The flexibility provided by our proprietary Enterprise class equipment and our high technical expertise, combined with the infrastructure of cloud computing, guarantee the smooth functioning of any service, even in the most demanding conditions. At the same time the high level of staffing combined with the know how of Lancom allows us to create solutions based on any idea or need our partners.

Cloud Monitoring

Cloud monitoring is an innovative service offered by Perpertual. An integrated platform of software and hardware, monitors on a 24-hour basis, controls, acts and notifies you for any malfunction of your equipment or your service. At the same time, Lancom’s certified engineers are informed in real-time and depending on the severity of the incident, notify you or intervene to resolve it.

The possibility of preventive information for a possible malfunction and immediate information about a critical downtime, are the two main features that make the Cloud Monitoring service necessary in the IT department of modern businesses.

The Cloud Monitoring service is completely customizable to customers’ needs and can be allocated to infrastructure and services either within the Data Centers of Lancom or any system accessible via Internet or VPN.

Disaster Recovery

Many companies, even today, do not have an adequate Disaster Recover (DR) plan for their IT infrastructure. In most cases, disaster recovery is considered a too expensive, complex and unreliable service to cover the whole range of enterprise applications, thus limiting its application only to Mission Critical Services.

Lancom’s disaster recovery is a high quality security service that protects IT infrastructure from any disaster. Just as we demand from any good insurance policy, in the same way the best disaster recovery should provide excellent protection, with minimal effort, at the lowest possible cost.

The expertise, the credentials, the Enterprise Class equipment and the specialized staff of Perpertual provide you the safeguards and the greater flexibility to protect your corporate information stored either physical servers, VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V or either in an Open Source environment.

Cloud Firewall

When the demand for personalized and fully configurable security increase, Perpertual provides the Cloud Firewal service. With this service the ability is given custom firewall rule set behind your virtual or physical machines. The result of this service is the complete unloading of the software firewalls of the machines as well as their maximum security.

Private Cloud

For critical enterprise applications and Virtual Machines in demanding production environments, the only solution without compromises is Perpertual Private Cloud. The recipe is simple and technologically advanced:
100% dedicated physical resources.
Acknowledged Virtualization solutions (VMWare, Microsoft)
Possibility of Disaster Recovery and selection of primary and secondary datacenter

To obtain your corporate Private Cloud:
1. You define your needs in Virtual resources: CPU, RAM, Storage, Virtualization Platform
2. We propose to you the natural resources in Servers (hosts) and Storage.

Cloud in a Box

When there are no suitable telecommunication infrastructure in your company for a reliable interconnection to the Internet and Cloud, Perpertual offers the innovative service Cloud in-a-BOX.

With this service and following a study that will reflect the actual needs of the business, Perpertual installs the proprietary Enterprise Class equipment (UPS, Rack, Servers, Storage, switches, Routers) in the server room of your company. It will provide at the same time all the necessary software licenses for the Server and Virtualization operating systems.

The pricing model remains the same with the Cloud services of Perpertual You only pay for the Cloud resources used by your company (pay as you grow), just as if you were using these resources in a public cloud installation. In this way you eliminate the costs of the initial investment (CAPEX), while the costs of use and maintenance (OPEX) are completely elastic and depending of the real needs of your company, with a day or even time precision.